Sunday, May 25, 2008

A week has gone by...

and this is my first post. It was a very busy week and I was really feeling the effects of the long weekend training compounded by the volume of the previous 2 weeks, and a full capacity schedule of classes and personal training. I was busy, but my own training was limited by a lack of energy, more than a lack of time. I can almost always find and make is another story.
So here is the week wrapped up:
Monday: 94km ride with D, heaps of fun taking a free ride on his wheel! Then a 25min T run.
Tuesday: no training...but my day looked like this- am run with client in the rain 60min, bootcamp class in the rain 60min, second bootcamp class in the rain 60min, pm run with learn to run class 60min, still in the rain. 4hrs in the cold rain and I was spent. Hung out on the couch with a blanket and tea all evening.
Wednesday: Swim (if you can call it that) felt like absolute crap in the water and shut er down after 1500m. almost not worth the changing, showering and changing required. struggled through 60mins on the trainer between PT and bootcamp.
Thursday: Swim- just skills and drills 50mins. feeling much better in the water. another 4 hrs of other training including another 2hrs of walk/run and 2hrs of bootcamp.
Friday: light day, met with a new client and caught up on some office work. Went for an easy 60min jog in the late afternoon. Felt sluggish and disconnected from my body for the first 30mins. Felt better the longer I ran and finished off with some strides that felt awesome.
Saturday: raining. Did a solid trainer session 90mins watching "revolver" good movie, great ride. I forgot how hard trainer riding is. Celebrated with sushi and spent the afternoon playing in dirt, planting flowers.
Sunday: am 35min run then a ride to Beaverlodge- felt awesome despite the wind. 76km in 2hrs39mins. Not bad since it is a hilly ride. Finished with a 20min run off the bike. First 10mins felt like crap and then hit my groove and picked it up. finished with strides feeling like a rock star. Had an awesome BBQ dinner with D before he packed up and hit the road for a week of work on the road :-( felt too sad sitting here alone so I went and saw the girls- played in the dirt, rode bikes and had a great time giggling with them. Now it is time to hit the hay for another busy week... Looking forward to heading up to Hinton on Friday where D and I will reunite and have a nice extended weekend getaway and race on Sunday. Saturday we will be doing a long ride between Jasper and Lake Louise and I am so pumped to ride in the rockies!!!

PS Big congrats to Alan Lam who completed the Blackfoot Ultra 80km trail run in under 10 hrs this weekend. Not only did he run the hills but he had a negative split and finished 6th. You rock my friend!!

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