Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunshine, family and a clean garage

Today was a fantastic day. My parents are staying with us for the week which is awesome. I had a great day with mom hanging out, doing some shopping and then we tackled the garage. The previous owners of this house were kind enough to leave a bunch of garbage out there when they left and I have been waiting for someone with a truck to come along so I could get rid of it. Dad and Jay loaded up all the scrap wood etc. and Mom and I pulled everything out, swept and organized everything. It looks fantastic and is another thing off my to do list.
Then I was off to enjoy the sunshine on my bike. I rode out the secondary highway behind our house- same route as Friday. There was only a mild crosswind to contend with and I kept it in the recovery zone. My ride time was the same as Friday to the minute.
I was happy happy happy to be on my bike even though I am still dealing with whatever was bothering me yesterday and had to stop to throw up once. Strangely enough, I felt fine and continued on as though nothing had happened. I tried to eat when I got home but my belly is just not right yet. Hopefully this passes by tomorrow, I have a a busy week and want a solid training week.

TFTD: Bike 1hr41mins 50km

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