Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thurs-Sat catch up

Thursday swim was 3000m with 1500m paddles. My shoulders were tired by the end. 
Did a 75min mtn bike ride with a client that I am sure I can't count as training :-) although the wind was so intense that it made for a tough ride on the old beater.
Friday was another swim, this time I did some full out intervals- I love the feeling of going balls to the wall (so to speak) in the pool. There is something really gratifying about working up a red faced, heavy breathing sweat in the pool.
Friday evening we headed out for our Friday night TT. The wind was ridiculous...again. 33 mins to go 22.5km out and then 1hr 20 to come back the same distance. It was mentally tougher than usual, I wanted to go fast and there was just no way...
Today we went out on a new loop. I am sitting here sunburnt, exhausted and with the sorest ass I have had in a long time. The ride had a bit of everything- good times, bad  I called it a day after 6hrs and D came and picked my sorry (and sore) butt up. He finished the ride, but as I was somewhat relieved to hear, had almost a carbon copy experience to me. We both had a great 90km start, ran out of water, struggled from 120-140km where it was uphill into a headwind, and had to stop and regroup on the side of the road. By the time I hit Sexmith I was done and done, and was very happy to sit and wait for D to come retrieve me with the car.
I feel a bit disappointed about how much that ride took out of me, but I know it was a tough route and I have many more long ride opportunities to redeem myself. 
D's blog has more of the gory details of the ride. While decompressing afterwards we laughed at how we shared so many of the same experiences and thoughts out there :-)
All in all a solid day, with beautiful scenery and glorious sunshine!

Thursday TFTD: Swim 3000m 60min
Friday TFTD: Swim 2000m 50mins
Bike: 45km 1hr50
Saturday TFTD: Bike 160km 6hrs9mins

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BreeWee said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment... it lead me to your blog and I LOVE it! I totally love all the different roles you have in life (hippie wife in training cracks me up the most!) That makes for some good balance.
I love your theme too- to participate in life 100%.... AMAZING and simple, yet so many fail to even try.

I will have to keep myself updated on your training/racing...
Cheers to a GREAT season and meeting your goals!