Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Bike Tan Begins...

What a great weekend we had on our bikes! Saturday we went out to Beaverlodge with plans to go further, but D had tire issues and had to call it a day early. Luckily I had a very strong intuitive hit that he was in trouble and he made it further than he would have with a couple more co2 cartridges from me. I picked him up about 12km from the finish which is pretty good since he originally flatted over 40km out.
I had a good ride, 86km in 3hrs20. No speed records being broken but that is not the point at this time of year.
Today we were out for a longer one and the wind was out full force. I had a great audiobook to listen to and really enjoyed my ride in the sun, but by the last 20km I was bonking hard and it was a tough slog to the finish. I didn't have near enough food or drink for the 4hr45min and I definitely need to plan better for these rides out in the middle of nowhere! There are very few services out there and we need to be self sufficient.

We got the first signs of a beginning bike tan (burn) today, which is a nice change from our pasty whiteness.
I am happy that my legs are not feeling tired and other than a sore undercarriage, I wouldn't know that I did 8hrs of cycling in the past 2 days.

Saturday TFTD: Bike 86km 3hrs20
Sunday TFTD: Bike 126km 4hrs45

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