Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Tri of 08...blech.

It was a tough race, I woke up sick to my stomach and in the 3 hrs between then and the race finally starting it just got worse. Many many trips to the bathroom and I was thinking I would not even get through the swim. The good news is I finished- a mediocre result, but based on how I felt I am impressed with myself for getting through as well as I did.

This is the first race I have done where I just did not feel like racing at all. Coming into the race I was pumped and excited, but my body was just on zero on race morning and as much as I tried to convince myself otherwise, I was just not in that racing mood. It was tough, D was so excited and I wanted to be, but I just felt tired, nauseous and achy.

The race itself was only average for me because I just never felt that drive that I usually feel when I am racing. I pushed myself and managed some decent splits considering the course, but there was no heart in it. I felt more like I was going through the motions and pushing to go faster only because I knew the faster I went the faster I would be done.

The highlight of the race was having my parents there. D and I usually race together and we don't really ever have anyone on the sidelines cheering for us. It was really awesome- especially having a rough day- to have my parents there smiling and cheering us on.

My splits were Swim 12:56 Bike 41:25 Run 20:55 Total 1:15:15

There were some really fast people there- mostly young kids that are the up and comer junior elites. The girl that finished ahead of me in my age group came in just behind D, who had a great race and finished 3rd overall.

The bike course was pretty fun- four times up Emily Murphy hill- and a tough headwind on the section I named Grande Prairie road- full of potholes and a nasty head wind. I enjoyed the climbing- it warmed me up and I always passed a lot of people there which gave me a bit of a boost.

I learned a few things from this race, mostly about just how tough I have become mentally. That race was purely based on power of my mind.

My swim is coming along, I am happy to see that. I started at the back of the four people in my lane with a estimated time of 14mins and I ended up passing them all. The swim time includes getting to and in the pool as well as getting out and through the door to the timing mat. So that is a great split for me.

The bike time was ok, it was a constant turning, up and down course- filled with potholes and wind. There was also a section of no passing which slowed D a lot, but I didn't have any real issues there.

The run was just ok. I know I can run under 20mins for a 5km and I think on a good day I would have. I had a cramp the last km that was freaking me out, I was afraid of what would come out of me if I didn't back off a bit.

I am glad for a month of just nose to the grindstone training now. I feel like we missed out on a great riding weekend due to the travel for the race. I am planning a bike focus this week and am hoping this great weather sticks around for it.

Sunday TFTD: Sprint Tri 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run 1hr15min

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