Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Triday

Today was a great day, it started out with an unpleasant email, but rather than letting it get me down, I used it to fuel my workout :-)

I went to the pool to try the noon swim and was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was, I had a lane to myself the entire hour!
I hammered out 3K in just under an hour. 3x 1000 with the middle set using paddles and a pull boy. My form is so much better that way, I did the 1K in just over 18mins.

Once out of the pool it was into the gym for a run. I opted for the treadmill today because I wanted a nice, fast run and I knew with the rain last night the roads and trails would be ridiculous.
I did a warm up and picked up the pace to 8.0mph where I sat. I did the first 6miles in 38mins and then slowed it down to 7.5 and finished at 50mins and just over 7 miles.

Then, just to say I did all three, I hit a spin bike for a 10min flush out cool down. Good day's work if I do say so myself.

Speaking of work, my business cards are done. And they are sweeeeet. I will post as soon as I have the final jpg.

I had an hour of Gigi time this afternoon while Measa was at swimming. We had fun as usual, but she hit her face on the coffee table and had a nice little gash to go home with. She barely cried, but I was a mess....ugh.

D came home this afternoon and we had a great home cooked dinner and watched a movie snuggled on the big comfy couch.

Life is Good.

TFTD Swim 60mins 3000m
Run: 50mins 7.6 miles
Bike 10mins

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