Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easing In

The last couple of days in have been coo coo busy. Still working hard to get all things unpacked, settled and assembled. The super-desk is now complete, I just need to unpack the office stuff and the house is pretty much done. yay.
D and I had our first evening "off" last night and cuddled on our huge couch and watched a movie. It was spectacular- just the sitting, cuddling and relaxing.
Training is going ok, nothing spectacular the last couple days, but maintenance is ok right now. Did an hour run on Tuesday in the deep snowy trails around here. Found a good hour loop on some closed roads that was nice and quiet. D made it down to Muskopeki park to the trails there and said it was fantastic. I am going to check it out later today myself.
Last night we did an hour on the bikes, I had a bit more gusto and was able to push the HR a bit.
This morning I was up at 5:30 to see D off on his first of many road trips :-( He is off to do the southern leg of his territories which will take him as far down as Jasper. Then he is back Saturday for the day and off again Sunday to head north as far as High Level. Lots of miles....even more kilometers ;-) It is going to be strange in this big house without him. Luckily I have family just around the block and will be babysitting the girls Friday.
I also have tons of work to do, which will keep me more than busy enough. I need to get things rolling with my business and get some keynotes scheduled. I think this will be one of my best advertising routes.
I also need to get to work on my website. I have a landing page up and should have a decent start on the rest by the end of next week.

Now I am off to the pool to the Grande Prairie Rec Centre see just how busy the pool really is in the morning. D went yesterday am and said it was a zoo from 6:30 to 7:30. I am hoping it will be a bit quieter from 7:30 to 8:30. We shall see...

Training Tuesday: Run 60mins
Wednesday: Bike 60mins


Anonymous said...
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Keith said...

Good luck with the rec centre. That's a lot of miles for D over some very lonely road. Make sure the cellphone batteries are charged, and I hope he's got satellite radio or 630 CHED will drive him crazy.