Saturday, March 8, 2008

Successful Saturday Spin

D came home this afternoon, and it is great to have him home. We picked up a movie for our spin today. We decided on "Bourne Ultimatum" which we have seen and knew would be good. It was great. The action in that movie is non stop. I was able to channel my inner D and keep my cadence up over 100rpm for the entire 2hrs. The last 30mins were tough, but I know that those last tough minutes are "money in the bank".
Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful one and we are looking forward to getting out for our long run. I want to get in 25km, which if all goes well should be just over 2hrs.
We may even brave the morning crowds at the pool for a swim.

Off to bed, we lose an hour tonight- don't forget to change the clocks!

TFTD: Bike 2hrs


qtlibrarian said...

I miss you TCR updates! I always knew if I was doing a good job or not depending on your update on Thursdays!

Thanks for the massage name I'll call him today!

Keith said...

Amber, I was totally impressed by your 100 rpm for over 2 hours. Way to go! I used that as inspiration for tonights spin session.