Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Hoppy Easter!

The weekend plans were shifted for me when I woke up Friday am with signals from my body that I needed a rest day. So I took one. It was a good choice, I knew I was walking a fine line with my health and I feel like I nipped it in the bud.

Saturday I was feeling better, but stuck with the 1hr e-z spin that was scheduled for Friday. Other than the spin we had a pretty relaxing day, again. We really took advantage of the downtime and spent lots of time just chilling together and enjoying one another.

Today I did my 2hr spin, felt really good keeping it easy. I watched "the Incredibles" since D was out on his run and I felt like having a good laugh.

This afternoon we went for a long drive, checking out some of the surrounding areas for potential cycling routes. We found some great routes and I am really excited to get out on the road. The weather isn't there yet though, and as if to put the stamp on that, a little blizzard blew through about 20mins ago and left the ground white again.

A couple more weeks and we'll be out there, just need to keep sweating it out in the basement a little longer...

Saturday: Bike 60mins
Sunday: Bike 120mins

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