Sunday, March 30, 2008


The only title I could come up with for today's run was an F-bomb...but since I don't say that word anymore (small ears around and all) I replaced it :-)
Today was our longest run on the schedule before Boston. I had 36km to complete and D was aiming for 40 (cause he is fast, and a nutbar).
It was chilly today, but at least there was no snow (unlike you lucky Calgary folks). We bundled up and headed out. I knew after 20mins that it was going to be a tough run, my quads felt like I'd come off a tough bike ride and my legs were sore. It is no wonder really, I came into the run with 9hrs of swim, bike, run in the past week. No sense dwelling though, I could chalk this one up to a serious character building session and remember that in Ironman my legs are going to be tired too.
I ran the first 12km in 1hr 03, the second 12km in 1hr 03 (consistent!). At 30km the wheels started to come off and at 33km I fell off the rails altogether. I felt bonky and my legs were trashed. I stopped for a few seconds, regrouped and was able to pull it together enough to finish up the last 3km. I was happy overall with my pace, and I know that with fresh legs I have the fitness to run my goal time in Boston. I also feel confident that I can do much better in the IM run this year. Of course the heat will play into things, but if I had continued on at the same pace I would have finished the 42km in 3:45. That would be a great IM run.
Anyway, lots of time between now and then, for now it is time to recover and dive into yet another week of training :-)
I need to find a massage therapist here, a good one who wants to trade massage for personal training would be awesome.

TFTD: Run 36km 3hrs12mins

(oh yeah and my nutbar did his 40km in 2hrs55...)

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