Thursday, March 27, 2008

The difference a day makes

Well my mojo was only on a short vacation- thankfully. This morning I woke up back to normal. Training was great today, I got to the pool at the right time for lane swimming (yay), and since I only had one hour I decided to do a continuous swim. So I just swam for an hour, no breaks, no time checks. I wish there hadn't been walls to break my flow- a swimming track would be nice!
I did exactly 3000m in 59:59. So I am slow, but my endurance is great, I could have swam all day.

Next it was into the gym to have some fun with the treadmill. I wanted to push some higher intensity and do some strength work. This is what it looked like:

10min w/u 2%grade 6.5mph
5mins at same speed, but increased incline
1 min at 5.0%
1min at 6.0%
1min at 7.0%
1min at 8.0%
1min at 9.0%
5min 2% 6.5mph recovery
1min at 6.0%
1min at 7.0%
1min at 8.0%
1min at 9.0%
1min at 10.0%
5min 2% 6.5
then kept it at 1.5% and increased speed
1min at 7.5mph
1min at 8.0mph
1min at 8.5mph
1min at 9.0mph
30 sec at 9.5mph
30 sec at 10.0mph
10min cd 2.0% 6.5mph

It was awesome.

TFTD Swim 60min 3000m
Run 45mins

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