Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recovery Week

I'll dial it back this week a bit, mostly the run, to allow the training the last couple weeks to be absorbed and recover for next week's big volume week. I am feeling really good about Boston, my training has been consistent and strong, and my body has been responding really really well. In the past a 60+km week of running would take a toll, I'd be sore and probably icing something. So far I have had no issues springing up and have recovered well from all the long runs. My massage therapist had a large role in keeping me balanced, and I am really hoping to find someone up here that is at least almost as good.

For the second time in a week I did the run prior to the swim and I really feel a difference! It really makes the swim more challenging, and I am not sure of the exact physiology behind it, but I really feel the burn in my arms. Perhaps the blood has been in the legs during the run and takes more time to get redistributed back up to the upper body?
I am glad the swim is first in IM. I would definitely drown if I had to swim 3.8km after a 180km run and a marathon.

Had a great evening with Sarah and the girls. My bro and D are both out of town working so it was a girls night and we hung out and had dinner together.

TFTD: Run 51mins 8.8km
Swim 51 mins 2500m

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