Sunday, March 9, 2008

Slip and Slide

Today's run would have been faster with spikes, or ice skates for that matter. The warm temps of the last few days combined with the colder temps at night have turned any somewhat low lying or shaded areas into skating rinks! The trails around here are as slick as snot on a doorknob (thanks to Shannon's Aunt for that one :-))
After a solid training week, my legs were a bit tired starting the run, but actually once I got going I felt great. I covered all of the trails in the park and found some sweet x-country trails further out. It was dodgy with the ice and my road shoes, but I managed to stay vertical. It definitely slowed me down though, I was literally tiptoeing over the icy sections, and there were many to cross.
But miles are miles...and kilometeres are kilometers. I managed 24.51 (why not 25? I ran out of road and had enough) in 2hrs 22mins. Slower than I would like to be, but all things considered a great training run.

I met another runner near the end of my run who ran with me for a while. He told me about the running crew up here, who would be good for me to run with and when they meet. People here are really welcoming, I think it helps that alot of them are transplants themselves. He and his wife moved here from Calgary 14years ago. He said a lot has changed over 14 years, most for the better. It was great to have some company for the last of my run and I am hoping to reconnect with him and the other people he mentioned. It would be great to make some friends up here that I could train with!

Looking forward to a productive week, my goal is to complete my website and get a solid marketing plan together that I can begin to roll out over the next couple weeks. Thankfully all I need to focus on this week is training and my business- no more unpacking!!

D heads out in the am for High Level for a couple days so I will once again be on my own. I will get used to this... luckily I have lots to keep me occupied and family just up the street when I want company.

In the wise words of my good friend Alan, "when you are feeling down, spend time with your neices, their laughter will wash away any sorrow."

True dat.

TFTD Run 2hrs 22mins 24.5km


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

haha, love the picture. They are too cute.

IronHallsy said...

Hey AD - Sounds like your settling in and you are getting your business up and running. Nice work. I like to read your blog - so keep posting ... Are you guys coming out to IMC this year or going straight to Louisville? We are thinking we might go out to Penticton for Spring Break in about two weeks or so for a bit of a training holiday. You need to ad a wedding counter under your Louisville counter ;)