Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Brick Day

Today I was pumped for my first official brick workout of the season :-) I don't do bricks in the winter, without a treadmill I think they do more harm than good. Getting hot and sweaty and then going out into cold weather is a disaster for the immune system in my opinion. I haven't had a cold, flu or other fill blown illness in over 2 years so something I am doing (or not doing) is working.

The workout today kicked ass, my body felt strong and on fire. Even though it is a bit of a recovery week volume wise, I am still pushing some intensity. I did a 90min ride and pushed some bigger resistance, allowing my cadence to drop to 93-95rpm. My legs felt really strong and I was able to stay focused the entire 90mins, spending most of the time in aero pedaling nice and smooth.

After the bike effort I was prepared to hurt on the run. Surprisingly, other than a bit of tightness in my calves I felt great right out the door. I hammered the run, and although I didn't have any technology to tell me heart rate, speed or distance, my internal measures had me high zone 4 and I know from past runs I covered about 6.5km.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise was that I finished feeling like I could go again. Well, physically I could have repeated the workout, mentally it would have been a tough one.

I am stoked to get outside and ride to see what I can do on the road. I need to be really strong on the bike this year to reach the goals I have set for myself. I also know that I am not a swimmer, and I will have to work hard to be anywhere near my competition coming out of the water.

That is one reason I love watching the Kona DVDs from the late 90's when Lori Bowden was placing top 3. She was always started the bike with a ridiculous deficit but managed to hammer through the bike and then run them down. She also has a really messy running stride that looks a lot like mine :-) and just goes to show that you don't have to run pretty to run FAST!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is decent on the weekend and we can get out and explore our new world!

TFTD: Bike 90mins
Run 30mins

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Jason said...

I always enjoy watching those DVDs too. Despite some of the extra movements, such as the flick out to the side of Lori's foot, she really had a beautiful, efficient stride. Very effective. Also gotta love those great brick sessions.