Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Legs are on Fire!

After babysitting the girls this morning, I was beat. But I was determined to get to the pool- despite my inner mind chanting "I don't want to swim, I don't want to swim"- I changed, showered (including the hair just like the sign requests) stepped out on deck and realized... it is spring break. The pool was full. There were no lanes- there was a rope and kids swinging from it. I was not at the pool, I was at the zoo. I was not impressed, because despite the resistance I had in getting there- I was there...and wet.
So... I headed home and got on the bike. Lucky for me, D was home and he joined me for 60mins of CTS Time Trial special, Power intervals and steady state intervals. D cranked my resistance, and although I was working hard, I did not realize how hard I was pushing my quads until I got off. Well, until I climbed the stairs. Whoooeeee. My legs are on fire. Get me some water...and a cane.

I am feeling better now, legs are juiced, but at least I feel like I got a good training session in.

TFTD Bike 60mins

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