Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work to do...

Today I hit the pool with the upcoming race season on my mind, 5 weeks until the UofA Tri and I am starting to get itchy!
Thinking of the race gave me the hint that I should start to work some more speed in the pool. I generally get in and swim 2500-3500m at a moderate effort...period. Which I think is great for building endurance. But with some shorter races on the schedule early this year I need to get comfortable pushing a bit harder if I have a chance in hell of placing..there is only so much you can make up on a bike and run in a short race.
So I did 500m mod, then 1500m working some speed 25m hard, 25m easy, 50 hard, 25 easy, and then 75 hard, 25 easy. After 2k I was feeling good and decided to do a timed 1000m to see where I was starting from, I need a baseline to improve from. I snuck a look at my watch after 500m and it said 9:37...ugh I have work to do. After 1000m it was 19:16. So the verdict is- I am faster than I used to be...but still slow. I have work to do in the pool over the coming weeks. I have confidence that I can take some more time off that. I am just starting to get to the pool consistently 2x/ week. Consistency has always been the key for me, but in the past if I was going to blow any workout off, it was a swim. No more. :-)
I did another 300m cool down to finish up. It felt good to work up a flush faced, heavy breathing effort in the pool.

Next up was an easy run. Heading out I was not feeling it. My legs were heavy and my head and throat felt a bit congested. I accounted it to the effort in the pool, but told myself if I was still not feeling it after 10mins I would call it a day. My body came aroung though, so I carried on and had a really decent run. The pathways were wet, but not as icey. I would much rather have a wet foot than a fall on the ice.
I finished up at the 50min mark. Solid day.

D came home this afternoon from his road trip and did a spin. He tried to convince me to join him for his 90min session but I used the excuse that I needed to cook dinner. Speaking of, I thoroughly impressed myself with the sesame crusted seared ahi tuna I whipped up. It was deee-lish.

TFTD: Swim 3300m 57mins
Run: 10km 50mins

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