Friday, November 9, 2007

TCR Thursday

Another great training session with the TCR crew. It was a killer workout tonight, one leg drills, a 4.8km rolling course warm up, followed by an 8.5km climb. The climb started at 0% and increased to 6%, then finishing with a 1.5km flat section. It was a tough grind, but I dug in and pushed hard. By the time the hill hit 6% I had squeaked into 3rd place and I was suffering! As soon as we hit the flat my body weight to power ratio advantage disappeared and I was fighting to hold my position. I had Cory over my shoulder saying, drop another gear, he's gonna get ya, one more gear, hammer! With about 100m to go I looked at the other guy and he had stopped pedaling...calf cramp. Thank god! I was out of gears and tasting blood. I crossed the line and sat up, spots dancing in front of my eyes. I didn't have my HR monitor, but I would bet my life that I was in the 180s... ouch. My ave watts was only 168 for the climb, which surprised me because every time I looked up I was dancing high 170-188. My goal this winter is to ride at 175-180 consistently and without trauma or drama...or vomit. haha.
Surprisingly it only took a short time to recover, and I was fine. Another great night with the Thursday night pain train crew.

Training for the day: Bike 80mins

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