Monday, November 12, 2007

Mass Swim

I wanted to get a swim in today after missing my Friday swim, so D and I headed to Glenmore pool for the lane swim. Normally the pool is pretty quiet, but today (perhaps due to the holiday) it was packed. They also did not have the lane markers in so it was every man and woman for themselves as people just made up lanes wherever with no regard to order....kinda like an ironman swim!
Fortunately, I had D the shark leading me and creating a path through the madness. Once we began swimming in a 'lane' we were joined my several others who also must have been looking for order. It was a tough swim for me, the pool was choppy due to all of the bodies, and my stiff ankles were affecting my ability to kick.
I struggled through the workout though and finished off with 400m of kick to try and get some ankle movement back. It seemed to work as my cool down swim was much better.(the pool was almost empty at this point though)
Once finished our splash, we went out for a yummy lunch and spent the rest of the day relaxing at home.
I wish every weekend was a long weekend :-)

Training for the day: Swim 2500m 57mins

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