Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1st!

November 1st means a return to a schedule...a return to recording workouts, in short- a return to my anal nature...yay!
The time off was good for me, and important for my mental health. But I am happy to return to my natural state.

Tonight was week two of the TCR bike classes- it was a great class and tough as usual. We did a bunch of one leg drills and even did two time trials one with each leg. We capped off the night with a 10km TT. I pushed hard and managed to come in under 19mins. My ave power was only 163, which is lower than I would like but higher than I was holding last year. I find I really lose power on the down hills- that is the downside of being a lightweight! I try to make up for it in the uphills though. My hr was really high though, the problem with the computrainer "races" is that my competitive side takes over! It is so fun though, and I do like the feeling of working that hard for a sustained period. Now I just have to get my hr down so I can actually hold some decent power over an IM ride.

Work is busy and that is a good thing this week, the faster the time goes by until D is home the better. I am counting just isn't the same without you babe.

Training for the day: Bike 75mins

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Darin Hunter said...

Life isn't the same without you either babe. I really feel out of my element here, I'm just doing some "sustainable fitness" training here and I really want to get back to "improved fitness" training. I wish I was at that bike class.