Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Runday

Had a lazy morning in our p'jamas before heading out for a run. I felt fantastic from go and had a great run in my happy zone- not too fast not too slow...just right. Met up with 'Hallsy' near the end, and although it took me a few mins to figure out who she was (everyone looks different in winter gear!), it was great to hook up and have some girl company for the run home.

Spent the afternoon at D's folks' house watching the Riders win the Grey Cup- YAY!- and hearing about their trip. We bought them a caribean Cruise for their 40th anniversary this year and they just returned. It was their first real vacation in 15 years, and they absolutely loved every minute of it. I don't know of two people more deserving. They work harder than almost anyone I know and I never hear them complain. They have a great attitude about life and bend over backwards to help anyone that needs it. I am so glad we were able to send them on that trip, and hopefully we can continue the tradition.

Training for the day: Run 90mins

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