Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday night swim...solo

Friday nights are traditionally "swim date" nights for D and I. This week, unfortunately, my date is in Toronto, so after work I made my way to the pool for a solo swim.

I am feeling REALLY good in the water. I feel like I am swimming consistently faster at a lower effort. I have finally learned, and become comfortable, kicking while I swim. I used to have pretty quiet legs and when I did try to kick it felt awkward and uncoordinated. I also used to tire much more quickly if I kicked, but somewhere over the past while that has changed.

I am not sure if my times are significantly lower, I am not great at timing myself, but I am definitely swimming stronger with less effort.

Looking forward to a low key weekend with myself :-) I will definitely get a bike and a run in, but am considering doing a Brick Sunday and taking it easy Saturday doing yoga and or weights.

Also looking forward to following the Calgary folks who are racing IM Florida- race hard! I wish it was me :-)

Training for the day: Swim 2500m (300 kick) 56min

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Darin Hunter said...

I was I could have been there with you babe. I'm missing you big time. Reading about your swim workout really makes me wish I was there with you, I need to get back in the pool. The facilities here are not very good at all, the only thing I've been doing is some short treadmill runs.