Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cross Country- Coooold but fun!

Today's X-C race was out in Okotoks. The temp was a balmy -20 and colder with the wind chill. We were hoping that we would be the only ones to show up and win by default! No such luck. The think about these s-c runners is that they are competitive, consistent and hardy! It was a good turnout and all the usual suspects were there. The trail was a 2 loop, with nice wide sections and comparably smaller hills. But the footing was really tough. There was about a foot of loose, grainy snow and it was too cold for it to be packed- just chopped up by the feet ahead. It was like running in ankle deep, loose sand...Except slippery! I had shorty spikes on that really didn't do much to help, and the lack of support in them combined with the terrain resulted in some really sore ankles/shins/calves. I was having a great race until the end of the first loop when I developed a stitch and had to slow down. I was passed by 7 people including Sandy swift feet. I recovered but was unable to bridge the gap back up to Sandy and missed out on 3rd woman by less than a minute. I did manage 3rd in my AG, as did D who was also 3rd overall not counting the mystery ghost runner who had everyone asking- who the heck was that guy? It turned out to be Luke Way.

The soup and treats were worth the pain and suffering and we had a nice visit with everyone before heading back to the city.

We ran errands most of the day and got our tree! It is beautiful and makes out home so festive!

Training for the day- 8km trail race

On an unrelated note, we skipped the Friday swim last night to have a celebratory sushi feast. I made my FINAL student loan payment and am now Student Loan FREE!!! 6 years of education, 6 years to pay it off. Like a huge weight has been lifted!

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