Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last ride on the TCR pain train of 07

Tonight was our last bike class of the year and we finished it off with typical TCR style.
After a warm up we fired up the train with 5x 30 sec at 120% Threshold. Ouch.
Then it was on to a 9.7km TT. I managed to squeak in under 19 mins even though it was a hard push.
We 'cooled down' with 6x 30 sec one leg drills.
All in all a great workout to head into holidays with!
I picked up our x-c skis today and we are looking forward to bumbling through some great xc workouts on the farm!

We are ready to head out first thing in the am. First stop North Battleford to see my grandparents and then home to the farm.
I am so ready for some time out of the city with D and my family.

Training for the day: Bike: 90mins

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