Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend, lots of training to balance out the christmas cheer!

Saturday was the 5th race of the x-country series. Those races are always a sufferfest, and this one was no different. The weather was decent, no need for face masks at least. The trails weren't too bad either, hard packed and even clear in some sections with only a few slippery patches that the spikes took care of. I was a bit concerned during my pre race warm up when I felt a cramp coming on, I thought it was going to be a bad race. But as it turned out I had a very decent run and finished well. I finally passed and held off Sandy swift foot, but I was running scared pretty much the whole race. Shari Boyle was there, so my chances of winning my AG were out, but I did manage a second place thanks to Lindsay McLaren sitting it out :-).
D had a great race as well, finishing 3rd after Luke Way and Trev Williams. We have one more race in Jan and one in Feb. Then we move so it will be our last chance to solidify our placing in the grande prix.

Saturday night we went out to the best Christmas party of the season- there was a sushi chef and a chocolate fountain...nuff said. The company was great too and we ended up staying until 11:30. That is late for us! Sunday morning I woke up feeling hung over, even though I only had a 1/2 a glass of wine..? After a slow start to the day we descended to the basement to burn off the christmas cheer! We were treated to some new DVDs that D ordered and watched the tour from 1989 when Greg Lamond won a close battle. After that we watched the 2003 tour that saw Lance Armstrong benefit from the bad fortune of Ulrich who crashed in the final TT. It was good to have some inspiring viewing, cause I was feeling really flat from start to finish. It was a battle of mental will to keep my legs spinning for the entire 2.5hrs. We did it though.

Next, it was off to celebrate an early xmas with D's family. We had a great night with them, and we are really going to miss our regular Sunday dinners with them. Jake was especially entertaining, he is growing into such a cute little man!

Today is now Monday, and we had best intentions to get in the pool, but when we got to MRC ready to swim, we discovered the pool was closed! So we came home and got on the bikes for 60min blast.

Only 2 work days left until holidays...I am soooo ready for a respite on the farm!

Training for the weekend: Sat- Run 8km x-c (?time, results not up yet)
Sunday: Bike 2.5hrs
Monday: Bike 60mins

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