Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Swim and Spin

Had a great day, that despite including 2 workouts, felt lazy.
We woke up and went for a morning swim, I was not feeling super in the pool, but mixed in some drills to my swimming and managed 2500m. Then we had a great lunch and came home for an awesome nap. I love naps. When we woke up we headed to the basement for a spin while watching our best Christmas present EVER- the entire collection of IM world championship DVDs. Todays ride featured the 1991 edition with Mark Allen and Greg Welch battling it out in the lava fields. One thing I do notice is how little they focus on the women's race. Other than Paula Newby Fraser, Wendy Ingram and Erin Baker, you would think that it was an all male race. Thankfully, things have progressed over the last decade or so. It will be a cool trip through the years over the next few months of trainer rides. With 18 DVDs to get through, we will be well entertained.

Training for the day: Swim 2500m 55mins
Bike 60mins
Stretch and core

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