Sunday, May 6, 2007

Training peaks and valleys

Well today was a reminder that I will always have great, stellar amazing training days...and days where I feel like I am 90. Today was on of the latter experiences.

Darin and I headed to Fish Creek park to do our long run, 1hr 45 was the prescription and we were looking forward to dancing in the woods on the trails all throughout Fish Creek. The sun was out full force and that alone made for a happy day.

The trails were spectacular and I couldn't have asked for a nicer environment to run in. But unfortunately my body was not as keen as my mind and spirit were! I had niggling issue in my left leg- my toe, my calf and then to my knee and hip flexor. It just kept getting progressively more irritating. I also felt like I was running on 90 year old legs and had to work for every step. This was hard to deal with mentally, as we were on some great trails that I would normally fly through.

But, as the wise sage D reminded me, in IM training, just like life, you take the good with the bad.

Although I felt good after yesterday's long ride, I guess my body was fatigued. Of course this is good mental training for the IM run, which is about how it felt!

I called it a day after 90mins and did some good stretching. At least we had a beautiful day over equally beautiful terrain. Even a bad day here isn't so bad.

I spend the rest of the day outdoors, putzing in my yard. I did the spring cleanup/ weeding in the flowerbeds and planted some new flowers. Then I cleaned out and organized the garage. Darin came home from studying in time to help me finish up and enjoy a cold beer in our backyard.

We then went out for a fantastic sushi feast and a walk on 17th ave. This weather really brings everyone out- it was great to see people everywhere enjoying the sun.

I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and then back at it for another week of fun. Syl emailed to say that we'd be taking it easy this week to save my pep for the race on Sunday. I really want to have a good day!

Training for the day: Run 1hr30mins

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