Saturday, May 5, 2007

Got Wind?

It was another wicked windy day. Good thing it is making me stronger..
Rode from home out lower springbank to springbank and the on to Bragg. Took 2hr15 in the unrelenting headwind. Had a quick rest in Bragg and then headed back to ride the tailwind home. It was so fun- averaged 35-45km/hr with hardly any effort. Darin met Geoff in Bragg and they had some more headwind fun going up Powderface.
I made it home in 1hr 15 for a 3.5 hr total and then headed out for a 30min transition run. Felt crappy for the first 20 mins but found a groove and actually felt pretty good by the end of it.

Had an awesome lunch at Nellies and came home to chill. Looking forward to a trail run tomorrow.

Total Training: Bike 3hrs30
Run 30 mins

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