Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mission Complete

Today was a big day. A culmination of 3+ months of planning, working, worrying and stressing. The book launch turned out to be a great success. Our room was packed, 252 seats full plus staff and volunteers. My intro went really well- the video rocked. Jay's presentation was awesome and I am excited to find out how much money we raised for Millennium Promise.

Darin was a huge support through all of this and I am so grateful to have an amazing, generous and dedicated man! I am truly blessed to have such an awesome partner in life...

We celebrated with a massive sushi feast and wine (yes 2 nights in a row :-0 )

It feels so good to have this monumental event complete. I feel a huge weight has lifted and am looking forward to moving forward at work.

Took today as a rest day and will do our long run tomorrow.
Good news is that I feel back to myself energy wise and I think I have beat whatever I have been fighting all week. I am so ready to get back to normal training this week, and am looking forward to our road trip this weekend to Edmonton to see the Police Live!
We will also get to do some training in a new area- we are staying all weekend, Darin booked us a really nice hotel downtown and we are going to make a training holiday out of it.

Some other exciting stuff happening at the end of the month as well...I will wait until it happens to post about it ;-)