Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rainy Day Thursday

I was considering building an ark today, as the rain was relentless. There were even a few snow flakes to freak us all out! When I left work and went to my car, I was greeted by a lake that was deep enough to cover half my tires! I had to do some creative thinking and yoga moves to get myself across the puddle and into my car. The only near casualty was my purse which fell in the pool momentarily. Luckily, I grabbed it before it had time to sink and there was no damage incurred.

The bike ride prescribed for tonight was moved to the indoors, and Darin joined me at MRC for a spin. I then hit the weights which have been added to my schedule twice a week while Darin hit the track to make sure he was still a blistering fast runner.

The rest of the night was fueling and resting, we are always pretty tired by Thursday.
Looking forward to the weekend, hopefully we can get out for our planned ride on Saturday.

I am working from home tommorrow :-) happy happy me.

Training for the Day: Bike 60mins
Weights 30 mins

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