Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lovin the sun so much the wind doesn't even matter...

Great training day today- as per the last post the natural ebb and flow of life and energy and training has be back feeling fantastic.

Started the day early for my swim. Great workout 400w/u,10x 50free, 50 drill, 10x 50fast,50dps. 400 c/d for a total of 2800m.

Had a short day at work, the sun and my bike were calling me so loudly I couldn't concentrate so I decided I'd be better off just answering. ;-)

Only had an hour on the schedule for today but it felt so good to be out in the heat that I took it a little longer and managed 47km in 1hr40. The wind was out as usual, but I was so happy to be out it didn't really matter. The ride home was definitely faster and I put it in the biggest gear I had and pushed hard the whole way.

When I got home I went straight out for a 20min run with some good pickups.

Total Training 2800m Swim 1hr10
47km Bike 1hr40
Run 20
Total 3hrs10mins

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