Monday, May 21, 2007

Great Training Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend of training- and the beauty is that it is Monday and we still have a whole day before it is back to work!

On Friday we decided to do our long swim before heading out of town. I was at the pool a bit before Darin and got started. I had a fantastic swim and managed 3800m in 1hr 22 mins, doing 400 w/u 2x (500 pull/paddes, 500 pull, 500 free) 400 c/d.

After our swim we stopped for a bite and a starbucks and hit the road. I am really glad we decided to head out for the w/e. Sylvan is a relatively short drive and there is some great riding around there. It is not BC but it is a nice change from here and it doesn't take 2 days of driving.

We arrived at dinner time and checked into our hotel. Our friends Frank and Keri had already arrived. We chatted with them a bit, made our morning plans and went out for some groceries and a snack.

The next morning we were up early to ride. The weather was cold and windy. It was only 3 degrees when we started out so we were really bundled up as you can see by the pictures! We wanted to do a 4-5hr ride and were hoping for 140-160km depending on the wind. Darin and Frank took off into the distance while Keri and I rode on our own. Keri was out for her first big outdoor ride and was not accustomed to the wind! I took it easy for the first couple hours, sticking close to her. On the last hour we were straight into a wicked head wind and had a series of climbs. I put my head down and began to push. We made it back to town and caught everyone up. We decided to do another shortened loop and with the sun coming through the clouds it was actually shaping up to be a decent day. We all rode pretty much on our own until the turnaround road where Darin had already rode out and back to meet us arriving. The big UCTC crew were out and we got to see a bunch of friends there.
We waited to catch everyone up, and when Keri arrived she announced she'd had enough and wanted Frank to go back and get the car to pick her up. The two boys took off together and me behind to head back to town. I did my own pace and managed to feel really good and pick up the pace as I went. I arrived back to town about 10mins after the boys and saw Darin was already out on his run. I got back to the hotel, did a quick change and headed out for a short T run. I felt fantastic, but started to get really hungry. I kept it short and sweet, but felt like with a gel I could have kept running forever, my legs felt surprisingly fresh.
All in all we were all very happy with our days. I did 140+ in 5hrs 22. Darin got in 165 in about the same time. Considering the weather conditions it was hard earned mileage!

We all went out for a great dinner and then it was time to relax. We were in bed by 8:30...amazing what fresh air will do!

The next morning started early again as we headed out for a 2hr run. Once again Darin and Frank took off and Keri and I stuck together. My legs felt pretty good, but my pace was far from fast! We did part of the Sylvan half course, and ran all the trails we could find in the campground. We did 20km in 2hrs which is a nice LSD pace for me.
Once again I was starving by the time we finished, and after a quick shower and pack up we headed out for a fantastic brunch at the Golf Club.

We said our goodbyes and headed back to Calgary. Again, it was so nice to be home before 3pm with lots of time to unpack, clean up, get groceries and relax. We got some movies and spent the evening with a bottle of wine, relaxing on the couch.

Today it is raining cats and dogs in Calgary so we are going to do a nice recovery swim.

Training for the weekend: Swim 3800m 1hr22
Bike 140+km 5hrs22mins
Run 20km 2hrs

Run: 15mins

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