Thursday, May 10, 2007

I love my bike...

Yes LOVE. For an inanimate object.

Had a great ride today on another beautiful sunny afternoon! The wind was from the east today so had more of a headwind on the way out for a change.

Only had an hour on the schedule today, but did 95mins, it was too nice to turn around any sooner. Kept it pretty easy, stuck to zone 2 with some higher cadence spins on the way home and some standing climbs on the way out.

Somewhere along the training road I have begun to love biking. It has always been something I wanted to love, but it has been so challenging for me that most of my saddle time was in some form of struggle or frustration. I finally feel about riding the way I have felt about running for years. And I find myself wanting to ride more and more. Which is a good thing whilst training for IM.

Keeping in mind the reality of that "natural ebb and flow" I am just enjoying the flow right now.

Training for the day: Weights 30mins
Bike 1hr 35 40km

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