Monday, August 27, 2007

Done and Done

Full race report to come, but here is the short and dirty version...
Swim- super tough first 750m, thought I was going to drown and almost came to fisticuffs with a guy who I swear was trying to drown me.
Bike- Good bike, bu super windy second half, had a slower time than I expected, but given the conditions I did as best as I could. Had some tummy issues that meant 4 porta potty visits on the ride...ayee.
Run- Felt great the first 20miles, and suffered through the last 6 miles. Had a 2hr half time and was happy with 4:11 and only 2 more porta potty stops ;-)

12:01:02... I would have loved to be under 12hrs, but I know that I gave 100% and had my personal best day given all the conditions and issues.

D, on the other hand, ripped it up and did a 9:51- good enough to place 5th in his highly competitive age group and earn a qualifying spot for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii!! He opted not to take the spot, with all we have going on it just wasn't in the cards. The important thing to him was to have a day where he really saw his personal best, and he got that and more.

Overall we are happy, satisfied and ready for some much deserved rnr. We are staying out here in paradise for the rest of the week and will get some camping and beach bumming in before returning to the rat race in Calgary.

Thanks to everyone for the emails, facebook posts, and positive vibes, I know we felt it out there.

Most especially, a huge loving thanks to my folks who made the 17+hr drive to come out and support us. Having you guys out there on the course cheering us on was a huge boost for us. Not to mention coming home to a hotel room filled with balloons, flowers, signs and cards.
You guys rock and your support and love mean the world to me.

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