Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Birds...

Easy day today, just a loop around Lake Chaparral. Pretty uneventful, except for the flock of seagulls that converged on the lake and scared the b'jeesus out of me. Birds are not scary- except when they are in packs of 100 0r more and when they are divebombing your head...
Had a fantastic swim, D was amazed with my super speedy lap and I am really happy with how I am feeling in the water.
Picked out our hardwood and tile for the fix n flip today. Having been a renter my whole life, I have never had this experience of renovating. It is actually really fun. We have gone from complaining about all the "home improvement" shows on TV to watching the darn things... lol

Training for the day: Open water Swim 30mins

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