Monday, August 6, 2007

Home Time

This morning we were both feeling a bit tired, but the only way home was to ride, so after another great breakfast it was back on the bikes and on our way. D took my running shoes which lightened my pack significantly (good man) and I was much more comfortable. We were rewarded for the tough ride out with a fast ride home. We were flying and when we reached the Petro Can inside of 4hrs we decided to carry on and go for lunch in Bragg Creek before heading home.
After a great lunch we were ready to get home and dropped the hammer all the way back, finishing our 152km ride in 4hrs50mins (D was 4hrs38 despite letting me sit on his wheel for the first 30km).

Overall, it was a stellar training weekend, a monumental weekend for us, and also a relaxing and rejuvenating get away.

Training for the day: Bike 152km 4hrs51

Weekend total: 304km Biking 31.55km running in 3 days for my 30th birthday :-)

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