Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ride On

Went out tonight for an easy ride. Did 85mins and it felt like I was just getting started when it was time to turn around. Had quite a tail wind on the way out hwy8 and was having a tough time getting my hr up despite going 38-40km/hr. The way back I was actually happy for the head wind so that I could push a bit and get my hr up to race zone.
Skipped out on the ow swim tonight. I have been really tired all week despite getting 9rs of sleep every night. Had some good quality super dark chocolate after dinner and I think that was what I It may actually be that I'm not getting enough calories. My weight is down to where I want it and I have been really careful as I want to maintain it till race day. I might need to up the protein and fat though, despite taking in tons of veggies, fruit, as well as what I thought was adequate nuts, legumes and seeds. I have also been taking iron and vitamin c. But based on results there is a piece of the equation missing...I'll sort it out.
Looks like Sunday is forecast to be rainy and cold...if that is the case we will be bailing on the race. It will become an indoor w/o if that is the case. A week out from IM, I am not racing in the rain and cold. With virtually no body fat, I am not going to have a repeat of Arbour lake hypothermic race.

Training for the day: Bike 85mins

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