Friday, August 24, 2007

Catching up

Has it really been 5 days since I last posted? Life has been busy, and my mind has been otherwise occupied with all things Ironman.
I will try and fill in the last few days...
Monday- catching up with details and packing for the trip- all the IM gear plus camping gear for the few days post IM equals one jam packed car!
Tuesday- All day meeting at work, a good distraction for my brain which is on tilt ;-)
Mom and Dad arrive in the evening, we have a nice dinner as D is writing his last final for his degree!
Wednesday- Travel Day. Arrived in paradise after 11 hrs, went out for a FANTASTIC run to loosen up the legs, felt like a rock star out there and I am SOOO happy to be in the best place on earth.
Thursday- Swim in the am (big swells out there, I was being tossed around like a rag doll)
nap in the afternoon, and a bike ride of the run course. Feelin ready.
Friday- that brings me to today. As I sit with my legs up in the shade outside our hotel room, it is warm, sunny and all things beautiful, as summer should be. We had a really nice day- walked around a bit to soak up the energy and excitement of the athletes buzzing about, had a latte, and a nap..I love naps. Now just chillin until the carbo load dinner tonight.
Tomorrow will be a short swim, bike run to warm up and then it is game on.
Can't wait to get out there and do it!

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