Sunday, August 5, 2007

I AM Ready

Today was long run day, and this was the real test for me- if I could do my 3hr run strong I would know I was good to go for IMC.

We had a great breakfast in the hotel, took some time to digest and then we were off. I had my bday present running partner- a Garmin! D really spoiled me this year...
It was great to run with the constant feedback of my pace. I was able to run the pace I wanted to and despite a downpour at the 2hr mark, I made it 3hrs feeling strong the entire time. The last 15mins were tough because I made it back to the hotel too soon and had to do laps around the community to make the time. According to Garmin, I ran 31.55km in 3hrs. Perfect pacing and my ave hr was 151. I can afford to run slower than that in IMC and still make my goal time.
It was a huge confidence booster and I am truly feeling ready to rock.
D ran about 40km and managed to see virtually every tourist spot in the surrounding Banff area!

When we got back to the hotel we had the treat of watching the end of the IM Kona coverage. It is so inspiring to watch and it got me even more excited for race day.

We had lunch and then went up to the roof and enjoyed the outdoor hot pool and jacuzzi tub. The view up here was fantastic, and although hot water is not supposed to be good post workout, it sure felt amazing! After our hot tub we were ready for a nap and had a great sleep until it was time for dinner. What a life! Then it was off to see "Bourne Ultimatum" which turned out to be a fantastic action packed movie that we both really enjoyed.
All in all another perfect day in paradise!

Training for the day: Run 31.55km 3hrs

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