Sunday, August 12, 2007

And's time to taper :-)

Well, with our last long run and longish ride successfully under our belts, we are ready to taper.
Saturday was a 2hr15 run and Today we rode 3hrs and ran 15mins off the bike. It was a hard earned 3hr ride between the wind and the hills it was a tough but worthy effort. Coming off the bike I felt great, and all the eating I have been practicing on the bike is paying off.
On top of training we got a ton of errands and yard work done this weekend and also had some great relaxation time together.
Training for the weekend: Run 2hr15 23.55km
Bike 3hrs 80km
P.S.I love my Garmin, now I can see my pace, distance, and map my elevation and route. It is wicked.

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