Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trail Trashin'

Had an outstanding trail run tonight with the Trailtrash group. Always fun, always entertaining! Lots of mud, bog and mush to create some fantastic kodak moments. A couple people doing face plants in the mud pit Hugh convinced them to run through. Hint: if Hugh is standing with his camera poised, and suggests doing something...don't! HAHA.
Celine and I stayed pretty clean, we avoided the mudpigs and had a very peasant run on the 16km telephone loop west of Bragg Creek.
Had a nice cool down in the creek crossing near the end which Celine was cautious about doing after hearing the story of Darin's creek crossing turned swim experience...hehe.

Training for the day: Trail Run 1hr 55.

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Anonymous said...

I needed to cool down! I told Hugh to find a trail with lots of river crossings for me this monday. I need another swim.