Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Looking Ahead

Feeling recovered and ready to start the next phase of training. D and I did a great recovery spin Sunday, and lots of stretching yesterday- I am good to go today for my short brick tonight. I am surprised once again how good I feel post race. I have been recovering soo well with very little muscle soreness or stiffness. My legs felt 100% the next day, the only part of me that was fatigued was my upper body/ neck. This is a good sign of my body's ability to recover efficiently.

I am meeting my coach tomorrow to discuss the next training block of my program. One thing I have become aware of is that I can push myself more in training. I need to start training faster than I have been, so that I can race faster.

July is a BIG month for us. We have some huge cycling volume planned- starting July long weekend with a back to back long ride session and then our 800km in 7 days Tour BC beginning July 15th. I can't wait! A whole week to do nothing but ride through beautiful BC! The multiple days of mileage, mountains and heat will be great IMC training.

We also have a big trip planned for my 30th birthday August Long weekend. Lots of fun on the way!

The other thing that we will be starting with more frequency are the long trail runs. 4-5hrs on the trails every Sunday and 2hrs on Wednesdays makes for some serious strength, endurance and mental training- without the damage inflicted by pounding the pavement.

Finally, we will be doing weekly open water swim sessions beginning July 5th. This always proves to be invaluable training for the IM swim. I know that all the open water swims we did in the past 2 weeks contributed to my great swim time in the Chinook half.

A busy couple of months. Our next tri isn't until August- the Lake Chaparrel Olympic, and then IMC Aug 26th. We are running the Stampede 1/2 marathon and a short trail race in August, but other than that it is all training from now until the big day!

In other news that no one but me (an mom) will care about- I have made the decision to chop the hair. It is too long for summer with all that I am doing and it has got to go! So today I will say goodbye to my long locks and hello to a low maintenance 'do...

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