Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Feeling Goooood... :-)

Had a great swim at Midnapore lake, did the course, got familiar with landmarks etc. Felt really good in the water- all the open water swimming has really paid off.
Biked today as well, an easy commute spin with a bit of extra mileage thrown in. My legs and entire body feel great. No residual effects of the race. In fact I feel as rested as I have in a long time and my massage therapist told me on Monday my legs are in as good of shape as he has seen in a long time (meaning they aren't as messed up as usual).
This recovery and back to back races are perfect timing for my training. After Sunday and a recovery, it will be time to build back up. July will be a really big mileage month with our week biking trip in BC and some other cycling adventures we have planned.
I am really looking forward to Saturday, it will be a fun day and a day to test my distance racing.
Training for the day: Bike 1hr Swim 30mins

Tomorrow is a special day for us, we have some fun planned to celebrate!

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