Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sunny Sunny Sunny Day-eay

Feeling much better today, woke up rested.
Did a great ride from Rocky Ridge Church to Cochrane and rode the hill, then home.
Short and fast ride, felt really good. Took 90mins and I was in zone 2 the entire ride.
Had a fun evening at Chucky Cheese for Emma's b-day party. Note to self: never have kids party at Chucky Cheese... ;-)

Had body comp done today as well. Apparently I have 19.4% body fat. Most of which is in my legs...? Ah well.

Training for the day: Bike 42km 90mins

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Scott Curry said...

That was the same Danny, he is a pilot for Luftensa (sp?) airlines!!! He had surgery,...and we talked about it. We had a great long night, chatting, and drinking at his parent's restaurant. He was meeting with a notary the next day to see about starting another business etc...
Incredible coincidence!
See you around I hope,