Friday, June 29, 2007


Celine has a new bike. A hot Guru Crono that is green. She calls it her frog.
So last night I rode up to the Westhills Second Cup and met her for a ride. The clouds were dark and ominous and as we started the ride, the rain started as well. It was not too bad so we kept going (I didn't make the offer to go back!) the frog survived the rain and it died off shortly after leaving the city. We rode out Lower Springbank to Springbank and home. It was windy and I was expecting a tough slog back in but it wasn't too bad after all. We must own the 2 smallest bikes in Calgary, we probably looked like a pair of dwarfs out there ;-)
We stopped for a Latte (since we were there and all) and had a good visit.

Training for the Day: Bike 42km round trip from home and was out for 1hr44.

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