Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dialing in...

Today we managed to get out for a ride despite the wicked wind and ominous clouds. I am glad we went out, even though it was a slow grind. I haven't been on my bike since Saturday as Tues I was indoors, and I felt a bit disconnected when I was riding today. I will ride to work tomorrow and get in a warm up ride on Saturday. That should get me dialed back in for the race Sunday.
Went on a little date with D tonight, out for a nice dinner and then to Bow Cycle for some gear shopping. We both found long sleeve full zip jerseys which we wanted for the race. It is going to be cool and I hate struggling with arm warmers over wet arms. I tried swimming with my arm warmers under the wetsuit but they bunched up and felt heavy when I was swimming. So this is perfect. I am sure I would be fine without anything but I would rather be comfortable than freezing. Not to mention the jersey matches my bike perfectly and looks hot!
Tomorrow we are going to try and get into the lake again for a short swim. Saturday is a warm up bike and run, probably on the course.
The forecast for Sunday looks like crap, but I have raced in crap before, I can handle it. The thing about crap weather is that everyone in the race has to deal with it and there is nothing I can do to change it. The best thing I can do is stay positive and focus on what I can control.
I am just excited to race. All this training has to lead to something- races are a celebration and an opportunity to put to use all the day to day work and training hours.
Training for the day: Bike 33km 1hr 10mins.

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