Friday, June 15, 2007

A nice reminder

Came across this blog entry on and really enjoyed her perspective. I see things from both sides, I have a coach and as much as possible I adhere to the schedule she provides me (why else would I pay for it?). But I am also a firm believer that our bodies are our greatest teachers and #1 coach. My body always wins out over the schedule- and I believe any coach would want their athlete to be that way.
I am also a huge believer that training is a lifestyle, I do it because I love it, it keeps me healthy, it is something I do just for me, and I beleive that I was given a body to use and enjoy. Triathlon has connected me to a side of myself I never knew before, and I have unleashed an inner athlete that (as an adult) no one can tell me is not good enough, tall enough, thin enough or fast enough to compete. I will never be "cut" from the team, or picked last. I am an athlete on my own terms and I race to better myself more that to be better than anyone else. The day that training ceases to ADD to my life in a positive way, is the day I find something else to do. With the amount of time, money, energy and attention I give it, it had better be something I love and enjoy- otherwise what is the point?
Thanks for the reminder ironmom...

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