Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Brick in a while...

So grateful it is the weekend! We had a great day. Woke up, had a relaxed morning with breakfast and coffe and at 10 finally got on the bikes for our ride. Did a great workout- I felt like a rock star- like I could have kept going forever.

It was a tough workout but surprisingly I felt very strong.

10' easy
4x(1' right leg/ 1' left leg/ 2min spin)
4x8 @ z3high/z4low 4'rest btwn
20' high cadence 95-100 z2
CD my choice

then off the bike and out the door for a 15min transition run. It took me 6mins to find my groove but once I got there I felt like I could have run forever. My calves were tight starting out, but loosened up and felt fine once I got moving.

It is a cold day-1 and a biting wind. I am really done with winter weather. Bring on Spring!!

We spent the rest of the day on errands. Had our favorite big sandwich at Primal Grounds, hit the farmers market and the recyling, and then went up north where I got a new swimsuit. We still haven't found a map of france and I looked it up on the computer at chapters and discovered there isn't one in all of Alberta. So Darin ordered one online- the shipping is as much as the map which is ridiculous....but oh well.

Am following IM Australia, Lisa is behind over 13mins on the bike, I am pulling for her but it is going to be a tough run, she will have a lot of ground to make up. That girl never seems to get it easy! She always looks like she is working full out.

Training for the day:
Bike 1hr45
Run 15

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