Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The first posting...

Well I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a blog. It seems like a good way to get myself to write everyday and at the same time keep track of my training, my ideas, and my life journey in general.

Training for Ironman Canada- August 26th. Seems in one way a long way off, but I know how time flies, and before I know it I will be prepping for race day. I have been training consistently all winter, but have not had a set schedule for my workouts, and have been going more on feel. This is fine for the off season, but I will soon be starting with a coach, and will have a training plan to follow.

I have decided that this is my last Ironman distance event for a while. Darin and I have some other travel/ adventure plans and I would eventually like to have kids. So with 3 years of training under my belt I have decided that now is the time to see what I can really do. I decided to get a coach because I believe that she will assist me to push myself harder and further than I would do on my own. I know that my greatest limiter is my own mind and what I believe I can and cannot do. It is time for me to stop thinking I am a beginner and I suck. I know that neither of those apply anymore. It is time to really focus and find out what this body can actually do. I have the discipline, the support, and all the resources I need. Giddy up.

I have a fast new bike which is motivation in itself to get stronger and faster. I have to do the bike justice!

I also have the most motivated, enthusiastic, and eager training partner on the planet. He also happens to be the love of my life. Darin is always excited to train, to race, to do pretty much anything. The guy is more willing than anyone I have ever met. I can't help but be inspired by his positive attitude. He is also super fit, strong, and fast. While I will never catch him, chasing him will keep me pushing myself to do my best. He is also a hottie. That too, is motivation- and it is a nice improvement to any scenery.

So that is that. Away we go...

Training for the day: Swim 55mins 2.6km
Bike 60mins indoor trainer ride

Idea for the day: posting videos from youtube in the newsletter, on the website etc. filming our own "promotional" videos

Sending my love to my bro, my neices and Sarah. I miss and love you all.


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