Sunday, March 25, 2007

Long Slow Run Sunday

I woke up a bit tired today. I had a tough time sleeping- my body felt very dehydrated, tight and overtired. It was after one by the time I finally settled to sleep.

Today I took the morning to hang out and be lazy with Darin, and finally headed out for my run at 1130. I only had 90 mins to do and just ran slow and easy- Ave HR was 145. Despite my tired legs, the run went well, and I enjoyed being outside with my music and my thoughts to keep me company.

We enjoyed our favorite Sunday lunch at Primal Grounds, hit the farmers market and ran some errands.

Tonight will be an early night to bed, I am sleepy and need to catch up before the tornado that is the work week begins!

Total training: 1hr 30 min run

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