Friday, March 23, 2007

The Last TCR Ride

Last night was our last Thursday night group computrainer ride at TCR Sportlab. These bike classes are the best time, money and energy that Darin and I invested all winter. We worked our butts off in these challenging and fun classes, sweating, grunting and getting stronger. We had a very strong group to ride with and we all pushed each other and cheered each other on. I know I have gained strength and power over the winter months as two weekends ago we got out for our first outdoor ride and we did 100km feeling great. I have been able to work with watts/ power for the first time and was able to use the continual feedback from the computrainer to keep myself from slacking off!
Last night we did the bike course from the Escape from Alcatrez Triathlon. What a course! It was tough- a 32.82km TT with some serious steep and long climbs. The fastest time was 57mins- Darin was just 5 seconds from breaking an hour. I was an hour and 12mins. No speed records for me, but I pushed myself. My legs are really tired today, I haven't had a rest day since last Monday. I am going to swim tonight but no run- even though it is tempting, the sun is shining and it is already +7 out there!
Tomorrow is going to be double digits so we are heading out on the bikes. I can't wait. It is sooo much more enjoyable to be outdoors. Riding indoors is like money in the bank, but not much immediate gratification. Being outdoors there is the reward of the fresh air, the scenery, and just moving forward! Tomorrow we are going to drive out to Bragg Creek and ride up and over the closed Powderface road on Hwy 66. We will proabably head towards Millarville as well to get over 100km.
Looking forward to the weekend, it has been a busy and productive week at work so I am looking forward to some fun and fresh air!

Training for Thursday, March 22nd: Bike 1hr45 computrainer ride.

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